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About Us

 Bill Vandegrift originally began the business in 1936 in Doylestown, PA.  After the war, he added appliances, and Bill Sr. joined the business. Bill Sr. and his wife, Ginny, moved the business from the family’s original location on South Main Street in Doylestown to the New Britain location in 1963. They were warned that customers would never travel the two miles out of town to shop since Vandegrift’s had made a name in the same location for 27 years. Forty-six years after the location change, Vandegrift’s has added over eight additions to the building and continues to grow.

In the 1970’s, Bill Jr., who was still in high school, joined the business and started handling installations. Ginny worked in the office and Bill Sr. answered all of the service calls. Their company philosophy was based on being the most customer-orientated appliance dealer possible. Even as the business grew and the staff expanded, the standards remained consistent. To this day, every customer can expect the personalized attention that the Vandegrift family has promised for over 80 years.

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