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If you are looking for the top store to purchase cooktops, check out Bill Vandegrift Inc.  The family-owned business was started back in 1936 and has been providing outstanding service with excellent pricing since that time.  They sell the top of the line cooktops as well as any appliance you may need.  They pride themselves on educating the consumer to make a knowledgeable choice when purchasing cooktops or other appliances.  They work closely with the customer and together make the best selection of cooktops for their home.  Not only do they sell and install cooktops, but Bill Vandegrift Inc. also provides excellent quality service.  They stand behind all of their products and have a close relationship with the manufacturers which is of great value to the customer.  For the finest in cooktops, appliances, and appliance repair visit Bill Vandegrift’s showroom.  For more information on their store and their great selection of cooktops, you can find them at  https://www.bv2.billvandegrift.com//cooktops/ or 215-345-1892.