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Kitchen Ventilation

Ventilation, one of the most important aspects of the kitchen, is also often the most overlooked. Ventilation hoods are now a focal point to kitchen design, becoming more than a fan in the wall. Kitchen exhaust fans come in many styles and with many different functions. At Bill Vandegrift Appliances we stock all of the best brands so you are able to find the perfect option for your home. See below for our range of kitchen ventilation hoods. 

Kitchen Ventilation Installation:

We perform all venting installations personally, helping you choose the proper hood the first time, whether it’s a chimney-style wall unit, raised vent in the island, or an insert hidden within a cabinet mantle. By handling the installation of the kitchen exhaust ourselves we are able to ensure that the process runs smoothly from purchase to completion. This is the type of personal service which separates us from the big-box stores. Since 1936 we have been providing residents of Doylestown, Pa and surrounding Bucks County areas with the finest appliances . We are your local appliance expert!

How much ventilation do you need?

Not sure about which ventilation system is right for your kitchen? That’s what we are here for. When selecting a kitchen exhaust option the most important thing to consider is what is going underneath. How much BTU is your cooktop creating? As a result, how much CFM (cubic feet per minute) will you need? Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect kitchen ventilation system for your kitchen. You can visit us in store today or contact us and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help!

We proudly offer these brands of Kitchen Exhaust:



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